...elegant, emotional, and spiritual...”
...an amazing body of work for any artist to have under their belt.”



"11 11"

"Cyborg 3.0: Implant"

"The Tremble of Quantum Strings"

"Tachyon (Tone Drive)"

"A Fundamentally New Idea in Synthesis"

"The Stars" 

"Planetary Bird Engine"

"Light Sketch"

"Islands in the Cosmos"

"Human (Looking Back)"

"Goodbye Earth/ Goodbye Solar System"



Ilyse Kusnetz: Vocals, Lyrics

Brian Turner: Vocals, Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Flugelhorn, Modular Synthesizers

Benjamin Kramer: Basses, Keyboards, Theremin

Jared Silvia (aka Pressurewave): Modular Synthesizers

Sunil Yapa: Electric Guitars 


Mixed by Benjamin Kramer & Brian Turner. Mastered by Benjamin Kramer. 

Engineered by Benjamin Kramer at 2pi Creative Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Final Mastering by Wes Wolfe at Tangible Formats.

Moonlake Records (2018)


Featured Guests on 11 11 (Me, Smiling)

Session files at the Hello, Ocean studios

Session files at the Hello, Ocean studios

Hello Ocean

 Stina Svensson (Vocals) & Erik Slättberg (Vocals, Piano, Synthesizers) on "Human (Looking Back)" & "A Fundamentally New Idea in Synthesis"

Tracks recorded at the Hello Ocean studios in Örebro, Sweden

To email Hello Ocean: contact@helloocean.se 

Stina Svensson

Stina Svensson

Erik Slättberg

Erik Slättberg

Parkington Sisters

Rose, Sarah, & Ariel Parkington: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonium on "Goodbye Earth/ Goodbye Solar System"

Tracks recorded at their studio in Wellfleet, Massachusetts